Do you happen to be one of the unfortunate few on this planet, away from home when someone near and dear to you is getting married and you sure are missing out on a lot of fun and frolic, while others are having a ball of a time at home?

Do you long to be there and be part of it?

You can't just quit your job. can you?

Then, just what do you do?

You can't even passify yourself by forcing yourself into believing that you will be seeing the coverage of the event on a VHS tape or on photographs, because God only knows about the delays involved.

Well, you probably have landed on the website you badly need.

Let's educate you about how it works.

It's quite simple you see - all you have to do is follow the instructions.

  1. You have to give us your name and details.
  2. You also have to give the particulars of the wedding or any other event that is in question.

Well that's all you have to do.

The rest of it can be comfortably left to us.

How it works is pretty simple.

We develop a website totally dedicated to the wedding of event and put it up on the web for you.

Only you, and those you wish to access the site can do so, as the site will have restricted access and will be password protected.

Ofcourse this service is not free.

For more details about the financial implications, and other queries pertaining to this site contact us by e-mail at the following address.