Kalcutta patta  

    There are three different types of Paan leaves.  
  • Kalkatta 
  • Banarasi 
  • Maggai 

Maggai Patta Kalkatta paan is dark green in colour, compared to that Banarasi paan is lighter green and Maggai is available in both shades but it's much more smaller in size than both Kalkatta and Banarasi paan. Out of all the three types, Kalkatta paan preparations sell the most.  

Banarasi Patta Varieties Of Paan  

    There are many different varieties of Paan preparations.  
  • Sada 
  • Meetha 
  • Sada Meetha 
  • 120 
  • 160 
  • 300 
  • 600 
  • Bhola Tambaku 
All these varieties of preparations are made in all three types of Paans i.e. Kalkatta , Banarasi and Maggai.  

Kalkatta Meetha  

    Special Paans  
  • Muchhad Special Sada 
  • Muchhad Special Meetha 
  • Muchhad Special 600 Kimam 
  • Ganga Jamuna 
  • Nauratan Kimam 
Mava - When all the masala (ingredients) of the paan is mixed together and had without the paan it's called mava.  
    Types of Mavas  
  • Muchhad Special Sada Mava 
  • Muchhad special Meetha Mava 
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