Muchhad Making Paan According to Muchhad the most important thing in making a paan is the way it's prepared, it differs from hand to hand. It's the way it's made makes it special. For example if the Chuna and Kathha is not in the right proportion it can be harmful. If one happens to put more Chuna then it cuts the tounge. But again all the ingredients that are put and the quantity of each depends on the likes and dislikes of a person.

All the varieties of paan preparations can be made in any of the three types of paans - Kalkatta, Banarasi, Maggai.

After mixing the common ingredients,

Banarasi Meetha

    For Meetha Paan add :
  • Gulkand
  • Kharik
  • Munakka
  • Khopra (Grated Coconut)
  • Badam Powder (Almond)
  • Kaju Powder (Cashew)
  • Pista Powder (Pistachio)
  • Cherry
  • Special Salli Supari
  • Gulab Powder (Rose )

Kalkatta Sada Paan

    For Sada Paan add:
  • Special Roasted Supari
  • Kalkatta Supari
  • Special Salli Supari
  • Badam Chutney
  • Hari Patti (small Green Leaves)

Kalkatta 120

    For Sada Meetha add:
  • Roasted Supari
  • Kharik
  • Special Salli Supari
  • Gulab Powder
  • Elaichi Water (Cardamom Water)

For 120 Paan: 120 No. Tambaku (Tobacco) is added to any of the paan preparation. Similarly Tambaku No. 160, 300 and 600 are also available.

    Two more types of Tambakus added in the paan are:
  • Nautan Kimam - It is a readymade preperation of Kesar Kimam
  • Bhola Tambaku


In any variety of mava the same ingredients are used as that of the paan, but eaten without the paan.

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