Popularly known as Muchhad, his real name is Jaishankar Tiwari. He is originally from a village called Tiwaripur in Hadia district of Allahabad. He came to Bombay in the year 1977 and since then he is looking after the business which was started by his father.

About the Family

Son and Brother They are four brothers and all of them together look after the shop and business. He has three sons.

They very strongly believe in family unity and all the four brothers along with their families live together eat together and earn their livelihood from the same shop. They believe in very strong family values and love and harmony and he says that it's a very big factor for their successful business.

About the Shop

The Shop His father Shyam Charan Tiwari established the shop thirty years ago. The shop was named Muchhad because his father Shyam Charan Tiwari had mustache so big and long that it touched his ears. And now it's become a family tradition, all the four brothers have long mustache. Now this shop is the livelihood of all the four families.

They believe and treat their customers like God. They keep personal and family like relations with their customers and believe in giving the best service to them. And all the ingredients that they use are very pure and genuine without any mixing. They are also very particular about the paans that they choose, they keep only the best.


They take special party and Marriage orders. They either put up a stall for parties and marriages or they take bulk orders and deliver.

They also take orders on Muchhad special Supari.

To place your order by E-mail or for any inquiry for orders go to Order Your Paan and write to us.

Photo gallery
Photo Gallery

The family tree of Muchhad Paanwalla

This Muchhad's paan business is going on for three generation.

Pandit Shree Shyamacharan Tiwari (founder) has four sons

  1. Premshankar Tiwari has four sons.
    1. Bharatkumar Tiwari
    2. Lakhankumar Tiwari
    3. Pavankumar Tiwari
    4. Shravankumar Tiwari
  2. Harishankar Tiwari has one son.
    1. Babulnath Tiwari
    2. Shatugan Tiwari
  3. Jayshankar Tiwari has three sons.
    1. Ramkumar Tiwari
    2. Krishankumar Tiwari
    3. Chandrama Tiwari
  4. Kripashankar Tiwari has two sons.
    1. Shivkumar Tiwari
    2. Shyam Tiwari

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